Sustainable Corn Education Fund

PA Corn Growers Association is partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to launch the Sustainable Corn Education Fund. The Sustainable Corn Education Fund (SCEF) will provide funding for PCGA members to attend continuing education events that focus on sustainable crop production. Periodically, the PCGA Board of Directors will announce events that qualify for this program. Interested individuals are encouraged to fill out an application for the event and submit it to PCGA by the announcement deadline. Winners will be selected from the applicant pool by the PCGA board through a vote following careful consideration of each applicant.

PCGA will not be responsible for making travel arrangements. Members selected must make their own travel accommodations and submit receipts to PCGA for reimbursement. PCGA reserves the right to set a cap on reimbursable expenses for eligible events. Any cap will be listed on the event application.

The fine print…

PA Corn Growers Association decides, through a vote of the board, which events will qualify for the SCEF program, the maximum number of participants that will be selected for each event, and the application deadline. PCGA members are encouraged to submit events to the board for consideration. Only PCGA members over the age of 18 and in good standing are eligible for the SCEF program. Only one (1) application may be submitted per person. Each application received for qualifying events by the event deadline will be reviewed by the PCGA board. Winners will be selected based solely on information provided on the application. Applications received after the application deadline will not be considered. Only the individual identified on the selected application form is eligible to receive reimbursement.

PCGA is not responsible for making travel arrangements for selected members and will not be held liable for any lost items or health issues occurring during attendance at selected events. PCGA members participating in the SCEF program are representing PCGA and Pennsylvania farmers. Participating members are expected to follow all event rules and regulations set forth by the event planners and conduct themselves with professionalism. Any criminal, negligent, or unprofessional activity on the part of the program participant may be grounds for PCGA to refuse reimbursement for travel expenses.

PCGA board members, and their families, are eligible for this program. Applications will be designed to prevent application reviewers from knowing the identity of the applicant until after voting is complete. No discussion by board members, outside of the official review process, on the content of their application, or the application of any family member, with the intent to influence selection, will be tolerated. Board members found in violation of this policy will be subject to a review by the entire PCGA governing body.

Participants will be encouraged to submit a summary of their activities to the PCGA board following attendance at the event, any pictures from the event, and take part in a post-event interview with PCGA staff with the purposes of sharing the information learned with PCGA membership through the PCGA website and social media outlets.

Please direct any questions regarding the program to or PCGA Executive Director Eric Rosenbaum at 484-788-7263.